Are guinea pigs good pets
Are guinea pigs good pets

Are guinea pigs good pets in 2022 ?

They are lively and fun to play with. Guinea pigs are easy to care for by providing fresh vegetables, hay, open spaces, and a hay rack. So, are guinea pigs good pets? Not just good but the best.

The guinea pig is a small mammal belonging to the rodent family Caviidae and genus Cavia. Despite their common name, these animals are not in any way related with pigs (Suidae). The word “guineapig” comes from someone’s mistaken belief that they were sourced for domestic pets from Guinea River West Africa – but this couldn’t be further away!

They originated in the Andes and spread to Central America. Since 2008, they have been considered a separate species from cavies (Cavia porcellus or Cavia tschudii). Although these animals resemble mice-they’re more closely related with chinchillas and rabbits rather than their own mouse counterparts!

Guinea pigs are native to many countries

Guinea pigs are native to Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, the Falkland Islands, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. They are an invasive species in Hawaii. Their natural habitats are temperate grasslands and tropical jungles. They are arboreal animals that live in groups of 4–40 or more individuals in underground burrows that may be as large as 5 m (16 ft) across and 10 m (33 ft) long. 

The male and female share one burrow and several related common shelters, called “cavies” by their owners. Cavies often nest together or line up together at their owner’s door or on their bedding for security. They have been reported to live up to 10 years in captivity. So, are guinea pigs good pets? Indeed yes.

Guinea pigs are considered very domesticated

Guinea Pig - One of the Best Domestic Pets
Guinea Pig – One of the Best Domestic Pets

A domesticated guinea pig is a group of individuals bred and raised as a pet. They are bred in most cases by one or more of the members, with input from others within an organization, group or community. This type of domestic guinea pig may be referred to as a cavy, though this term is rarely used outside North America.

In popular usage, the term ‘cavy’ is almost always applied to rodents of the family Caviidae when they are kept as household pets. However, many cavy owners consider this use pejorative because it implies that all other rodents in the animal kingdom are portrayed in a negative light. So, are guinea pigs good pets? Not just good but the best.

Why guinea pigs are the best pets

Guinea pigs are the best pets
Guinea pigs are the best pets

Their docile nature and their cute appearance make the pet guinea pig well liked throughout the world. Guinea pigs can make great pets for adults and children alike. They are easy to care for, since they don’t require that much space to live in or that much attention. They can be quite entertaining, as well. Guinea pigs spend most of their time sleeping and playing with one another.

Guinea pigs are quiet animals; hence, they make great pets for people who live in apartments or dormitories because they won’t disturb the neighbors. The noise they make is like a gentle purr or like soft squeaking sounds when the guinea pig is happy or excited. These are cute little noises that display just how content the guinea pig is. So, are guinea pigs good pets? Yes they are.

They are also easy to handle. The guinea pig will not bite if one handles it correctly. However, the guinea pig should never be picked up by the back feet or be picked up by its body. It is best to pick it up only by the front feet. Guinea pigs are known to have poor eyesight, but they are great at recognizing their owners’ faces. So, once they have recognized your face, don’t worry about being bitten or scratched by your pet.

7 Reasons you should buy a Guinea Pig

7 Reasons you should buy a Guinea Pig
7 Reasons you should buy a Guinea Pig

Low Maintenance Cost

Guinea pigs are one of the best pets you can have, and their care is so simple that it’s not hard to take on. They only need water anywhere from once every other day up until twice daily – depending if they’re out exploring or just sleeping in-their hay with pellets as food each morning before bedtime; vegetables at dinner time, which will keep them healthy all night long!

Children Friendly

Guinea pigs are a great choice for children because their small size means they aren’t as fragile, so your little one won’t need to be gentle. Plus you can handle them without worrying about getting snapped up by these cuddly critters! Gerbils and mice might seem more lively than guinea pigs but it’s hard not having fun when dealing with an animal that doesn’t want attention from people in general just yet anyway–plus those other two rodents have way too many teeth for comfort at times (and let us not forget the mouse borne disease).

Guinea Pigs Purr when they are happy

Guinea pigs are great pets because they purr when happy, just like kittens! It can be really entertaining for your child to see their pet make the noise and enjoy touching it.
The Guinea pig’s favorite activity is lounging around in its natural environment – which might not come as much surprise considering how similar these animals share an affinity towards resting up before diving back into whatever task needs completing next (just like us humans).

Many Varieties are there to Buy

There are many varieties of guinea pigs, so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. You can purchase these pets with long or short hair and in multiple colors! According to American Cavey Breeders Association there’s 13 breeds and ten possible colors available – perfect for everyone who loves piggies.

Long Term Relation

Despite their long lifespan, guinea pigs are still a big commitment to take care. Not only do you have to provide food and water for your pet throughout the day but they need love too! They generally live between five and seven years which means this little guy will be in your life pretty much forever (unless he runs away).

Social Animal

Guinea pigs are social animals and they need friends to be happy. Keep same-sex pairs so there’s no litters of unwanted guinea piglets in your home, but know that sometimes personality differences can get ugly fast! Introduce baby boy/girl twins at birth if you want the best chance for bonding with their new friend or introduce adults gently into an established group after watching how each individual interacts on its own first.

Guinea Pigs Are Generally Easy to Tame

Guinea pigs are adorable little creatures that look like they’re just about ready to hop on your lap. While these guinea pig friends may seem skittish at first, with some gentle handling by you or an experienced animal lover in charge of them will make it easy for the petting session!
If there is one thing kids love more than treats from the jarred dispenser near their bedtime snack area…it would have be playing doctor- so being able show off new tricks makes up part two if my morning routine every day.

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Guinea pigs are interesting and handy

Guinea pigs are interesting and handy
Guinea pigs are interesting and handy

Guinea pigs are interesting animals to watch. They like to run, jump, and play with one another. They love hugs and like to be petted every day. Petting is good for the guinea pig because it will make your pet feel safe and calm. However, it should be noted that if the pet guinea pig feels threatened or scared, it will scratch you. That’s why it’s always best not to handle your guinea pig too roughly! 

Guinea pigs are also playful animals; therefore, they will always want to play with their owners. They love toys that produce sounds because these toys catch their attention quickly. Pet stores usually have a wide range of interesting toys for guinea pigs to play with.

Naturally, guinea pigs are very resilient animals. They are even able to withstand pain. Guinea pigs are also quite intelligent animals. They can easily distinguish between different objects and people. It’s therefore best not to come up with new toys for your pet guinea pig every day, as the guinea pig will quickly become bored with them.

Some pets, like bearded dragons and newts, can be quite expensive to buy and keep in one’s home; thus, many people wonder why people would prefer guinea pigs over other pets only because of their affordability.

Silkie guinea pigs are great pets

Silkie guinea pigs are great pets
Silkie guinea pigs are great pets

Silkies are great pets for children, although they need lots of cuddling time in the evenings. They are very intelligent and quick to learn tricks. 

They can be litter trained and will work hard to please their owner by using their intelligence to solve problems. Silkies also do not chew much because silkies do not have long teeth or an insatiable appetite.

Silkies are one of the rarest breeds of guinea pig in the world; this is probably due to smaller numbers living in captivity than breeding couples. So, are guinea pigs good pets? Yes they are

Around 6,000 of the world’s 6 million guinea pigs are silkies. Silkies are born around April, but breeding begins in late winter.

Silkie guinea pigs should be kept safely

Silkie guinea pigs should be kept safely
Silkie guinea pigs should be kept safely

Silkies are kept in cages or cages with a nest box. The cage must be large enough for the female to move around easily and the whole cage must be covered with straw or hay. 

The walls of the cage should be about high so that there is enough room for both of the guinea pigs to move freely within their cell without fighting over territory.

The bedding should be cleaned regularly by your pet’s owner to avoid odour problems, which can affect your animal when they are in close quarters for too long. So, are guinea pigs good pets? Yes they are.

Crested guinea pigs are also perfect domesticated pets

Crested guinea pigs are also perfect domesticated pets
Crested guinea pigs are also perfect domesticated pets

The Crested Guinea Pig acts generally friendly around other guinea pigs, but can be quite shy among larger, louder animals. If you are bringing home a pet to live alone there are times when you may have to seek out other Crested Guinea Pigs to keep your new pet company. 

The Crested Guinea Pig does not usually bond strongly with one person. This means that it is always best if you have more than one Crested Guinea Pig because the feeling is not as strong between them as it is with other breeds. So, are guinea pigs good pets? Yes they are.

Another thing that you may notice about your Crested Guinea Pig is its hearing. It’s not at the same level as other guinea pigs which means it can be easier to sneak up on them.

This is not to say that they are not aware of their surroundings. The Crested Guinea Pig will let you know if they are irritated or are hungry to the point of annoyance.


When you think about pets, it’s easy to imagine dogs and cats. But there are other interesting options that may be more suitable for your lifestyle or home. One of those is the guinea pig! Guinea pigs are native to many countries like Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Chile which means they have adapted well to living in captivity with humans. They are considered very domesticated animals so they can live happily as a pet inside your house instead of being outside all day long. If you’re looking for an animal who will spend time with you while also getting plenty of exercise on its own then consider adopting a furry friend from the local shelter today!

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