Can guinea pigs eat cherries
Can guinea pigs eat cherries

Can guinea pigs eat cherries? [Ultimate Guide with Little Known Tips 2022]

Did you know that guinea pigs are a popular pet, especially in households with children? 

They’re pretty low maintenance and easy to care for – but even then they still have some dietary restrictions.

One of the most common questions we get is whether or not our piggies can eat cherries!

This article will tell you about what types of fruit your little cavy has access to; plus some tips just for 2021!.

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Can Guinea Pigs eat Cherries?

Guinea pigs can eat cherries
Guinea pigs can eat cherries

Yes, guinea pigs can eat cherries! 

Cherries are just as good for him as they taste sweet to us humans (maybe even better). Just make sure that these berries aren’t too close to their expiration date because then you might end up with moldy critters instead of something nutritious and delicious like fresh juice boxes at breakfast time.”

My guinea pig, Barfi, is a huge fan of cherries.

Barfi will hop up on her hind legs and ask for more when I bring out the cherry bowl!

Are there any health hazards due to eating cherries?

Are there any health hazards due to eating cherries
Are there any health hazards due to eating cherries

Guinea pigs are always happy when they get a chance to eat some.

But if you have any concerns over their health, then watch out for stones!

Stone problems can cause intestinal blockages and be very serious or even deadly in rare cases – so avoid giving them chomped on these tasty treats at all costs if your pet has had issues with blocking its stomach before.

Below are a few of the additional health hazards which might happen due to cherries:


This can happen when cherries are given in excess. 

It’s best to introduce this new fruit into your pet guinea pig’s diet gradually just like you would with any other dietary change, but if they’re not sure and it doesn’t go well then don’t worry!

You should offer them a small piece of one of the fruits first before increasing their amount slowly over time – all things going accordingly so as not to cause problems or discomfort for either party involved!

Stomach Ache

A piggy’s stomach is a pretty sensitive place. If the fruit or vegetables it was eating started giving its digestive system trouble, then chances are good that this would make it stop eating entirely in an attempt at self-preservation!

Vomiting of Blood

If you’re guineapig experiencing these symptoms, it’s imperative that your immediate concern be addressing Cherry Seed Impaction. If not treated early enough death can result from this condition!

Blockages and internal tearing

Guinea pigs are adorable animals that can suffer from a few different problems.

One of the most common issues these little guys deal with is blockages caused by cherry stones.

The cherries themselves won’t be digested, and they’ll usually just pass through intact; however, if one gets stuck in an area near your pet’s intestines or stomach it might cause some tearing to appear on their intestinal wall! 


You might be surprised to learn that fruits are generally full of water, which is essential for guinea pigs who are kept in captivity. 

This means you can usually introduce fruit into your pet’s diet without worrying too much about the risk of dehydration – but this isn’t true with cherries!

They’re also low sugar content meaning they won’t be as effective at replacing sugary treats like pellets and raisins.

Health Benefits of Cherries for Guinea Pigs

Health Benefits of Cherries for Guinea Pigs
Health Benefits of Cherries for Guinea Pigs

For Guinea Pigs, Cherries are a Nutritional Fruit as it is loaded with various minerals and vitamins.

This helps to strengthen their body and give them good health! If you want your piggie to having something special for the holidays or any other time of year- then try giving him some delicious cherry treats (shelled if necessary). Most guineas love these sweet fruity delights – they’ll be so happy when you bring home another yummy berry snack from outside too!

Following are the main benefits of Cherries:

Prevent Liver Disease

Cherries are a great addition to your cupboard. Not only do they have a high content in antioxidants such as Vitamin A, E, and beta-carotene but research has shown that cherries can help prevent the formation of toxic bacteria which could lead to oxidative damage on liver cells!

Help in Prevention of Cancer

Cherries are a great source of antioxidants, which can guard against the formation and progression of cancer.

Help in Prevention of Heart Disease

They also help prevent heart disease by acting as shields for our livers from toxic damage due to oxidative stress!

Did you know that cherries can actually help prevent osteoporosis?

The key lies in its high levels of vitamin C, which boosts bone density. This helps to stop the disease from developing and leading towards fractures or brittle bones!

Maintain Healthy Skin

Cherries are rich in antioxidants which work to get rid of free radicals.

Free radicals can cause damage, among other things including your pet’s gorgeous skin!

They also help promote healthy circulation so every inch is looking fabulous–even if you have a few zits here and there (we know it happens).

Prevent Macular Degeneration

Cherries Can be Loaded With Vitamin A and Carotenoids which can improve night vision, protect the cells of a macula-the area responsible for your eyesight.

Macular Degeneration is when there’s damage done in this part or parts so that may lead to age-related blindness as well! But if you feed them cherries it will prevent this disease.

Improves sleep

Did you know that cherries can help with insomnia? That’s because the fruit contains melatonin, which is a hormone and chemical our body produces naturally to regulate sleeping patterns. This makes them an excellent snack for those struggling piggies to get enough ZZZs!

Nutrition in cherry

Nutrition in cherry
Nutrition in cherry

Did you know that a single cherry contains 88 calories, with 17 grams of sugar and 22 carbohydrates? Cherries also contain vitamin C which helps promote strong bones!
The following information comes from the USDA:

Vitamin C9.7mg

Cherries: Serving Size

Guinea Pig, Small Size: 0.5 cups (125 g)

Guinea Pig, Large Size: 1-1/4 cups (250 g)

If you’re looking for the nutritional value of your fruits and vegetables, always check each product’s label.

Different brands can vary greatly in their ingredient composition- so even if they look identical on the outside there could be a difference when it comes to taste!

Cherries: Frequency

How often can guinea pigs eat cherries?

Guineapigs are always looking for that next snack. But remember, if you offer them cherries on a regular basis it’s not good because the fruit contains sugar and calories which can make your pet gain weight fast!

So give these treats only as occasional rewards or when they do something special like giving kisses all day long (like my baby)!

Can guinea pigs eat cherries every day?

Giving your guinea pig cherries every day is not safe. While giving them as an occasional treat seems to be just fine, it’s better if you introduce this fruit into their diet slowly and carefully so that they can adjust before getting used too much or develop digestive issues like cherry syndrome!

Risks to Consider When Feeding Cherries to Guinea Pigs

Risks to Consider When Feeding Cherries to Guinea Pigs
Risks to Consider When Feeding Cherries to Guinea Pigs
  1. Guinea pigs should only eat this fruit in moderation and it’s important that you don’t give them too many cherries or feed them any amount on a regular basis. The sugar from the cherry can cause your guinea pig to gain weight if eaten regularly, which isn’t good for its health. 
  2. If they’re given dried fruits like plums as well- then these more sugary treats will add extra gall to its stomach upset along with diarrhea caused by not mixing well enough into what he/she eats overall.
  3. When it comes to treats, the experts recommend only giving your guinea pig cherries every once in a while as they’re delicious and safe for them. That being said this treat should definitely be savored!
  4. It isn’t recommended that you give any kind of juice – especially not flavored cranberry or cherry juice- because these contain sugar which provides nutritional value but can upset their stomachs if ingested too often.
  5. Cherries are a little different when compared to other fruits and vegetables, in that they’re pretty low-calorie. However, it’s still important for you to introduce cherries sparingly into your guinea pig’s diet because he or she might bloat from eating too many!
  6. It’s best to serve this treat as an occasional special occasion so you can watch your pet happily chow down on his/her favorite snack.

Types of cherries that guinea pigs love?

Types of cherries that guinea pigs love
Types of cherries that guinea pigs love

When it comes to the world of fruit, no one can compete with cherries. Unlike most other types of fruits that contain a hard seed and low yields in terms of quantity; these little balls are furry heaven for guinea pigs!

There’s something about their rich sweetness combined with tartness which makes them irresistible both as snack food AND treats – so if your pet loves nothing more than snacking on sweets then he’ll love you, even more, when all his favorite things taste this good (even better than fresh produce!). 

The following is a detailed list of all the different types of cherries that guinea pigs will thoroughly enjoy snacking on:

Can guinea pigs eat canned cherries?

Well, it turns out that they aren’t really safe for pets much less our furry friends!

Canned fruits like prunes or dried berries can make their way into a piggy diet if the owner isn’t careful about what types of snacks are offered.

Can guinea pigs eat cherry tomatoes?

Yes, but only occasionally! Like most fruit, cherry tomatoes are very high in sugars and not part of a guinea pig’s everyday diet. 

Only feed them to your piggies as a treat (once or twice per week), never more than they can eat at one sitting!

Guinea pigs can’t vomit, so if they eat too much food then it will just sit in the stomach and rot. If you notice your pig has eaten a cherry tomato that makes him sicker than usual – take him to an experienced vet as soon as possible!

Can guinea pigs eat dried cherries?

Yes, if you’re looking to buy dried cherries then make sure they are unsweetened and 100% cherry before giving them to your guinea pig.

Dried fruit is very high in sugar so it isn’t part of a healthy diet for these tiny animals like fresh fruits can be!

Just remember- only give him treats sparingly as he may become overweight too quickly from eating too much; try some other treats that don’t contain any added sweeteners or honey instead such as holly leaves.

Can guinea pigs eat cherry pie filling?

You know what they say about cherry pie filling: too many pounds, not enough sense. Well, I’m here to tell you that this also goes for piggy diets!

Can guinea pigs eat sweet cherries?

Yes. Sweet cherries are a very tasty treat and can be fed to guinea pigs in moderation!

Just like fresh, unsweetened cherry tomatoes, they’re fine once or twice-weekly

Can guinea pigs eat sour cherries?

Yes. Sour cherries are a great treat for your piggies – but make sure they’re unsweetened!

Sour Cherries also have many health benefits that you can give your pet including boosting the immune system with its vitamins C or preventing arthritis by eating cherry treats regularly; these antioxidants will keep them healthy in any way possible while providing some sweet taste at the same time.

Can guinea pigs eat black cherries?

Yes! Black cherries are just like sweet ones, but with a more intense flavor. They’re an ideal treat for guinea pigs and they can be fed as often you want!

Can guinea pigs eat red cherries?

Yes. Just like black cherries, red ones are different and not as dangerous to eat! They’re actually a great treat for guinea pigs who can enjoy lots of healthy antioxidants too

Can guinea pigs eat cherry tree leaves?

It’s easy to think of everything a guinea pig might eat, but did you know that their favorite food is actually poison?

I’m not talking about chocolate chip cookies or grapes; rather I mean the leaves from cherry trees!

These evil snacks contain cardiac glycosides which can be harmful if ingested by our pets. Ingesting these herbs may result in some serious side effects including:

  • Loss of appetite/anorexia (starvation),
  • Skin rashes and lesions around the mouth & eyes
  • Severe diarrhea with fluid loss resulting in dehydration,
  • Poor muscle control,
  • Depression,
  • Poor coordination
  • Death in severe cases

If you think your guinea pig may have eaten cherry tree leaves, seek veterinary care immediately. 

Treatment is available if caught early enough, but can be expensive and require a lot of time on the owner’s part as they are responsible for providing everything their pet needs while taking these treatments which could include cleaning them out thoroughly with vinegar or water mixed with hydrogen peroxide until all trace amounts have been removed from their digestive tract.

Can guinea pigs drink cherry juice?

Guineas shouldn’t drink cherry juice. Not only does it contain high levels of sugar, but also other additives that could be harmful to them to consume – not to mention how much dental pain they’ll experience after drinking too many cups!

Can guinea pigs eat frozen cherries?

Did you know that frozen cherries are not suitable for guinea pigs to eat?

The reason is that most of them have added sugars and will freeze solid, so it’s best if we get some fresh fruit instead.

If my furry little friends want something sweet during these cold months, then I’ll defrost a few pieces in the microwave before letting them cool off!

Can guinea pigs eat cherry tree branches?

Guinea pigs should never be allowed to eat cherry tree branches. It’s as dangerous for them as the leaves!

While it does contain some nutrients, these also have cyanogenic glycosides that can cause seizure-like symptoms or even paralysis if ingested by your pet – much like how humans experience Cyanide poisoning when they consume certain plants with this compound in them

Can guinea pigs eat fresh cherries?

Yes, guinea pigs can enjoy fresh cherries. However, it is important that the fruit be fully ripe and not bruised as they have lower sugar content in this state than unripe produce does!

Ripe fruits are better for your pet’s health so if you want to give him or her some of these sweet treats make sure none of those pesky pits end up stuck between their teeth when eating them.

Can guinea pigs eat cherry jam?

It turns out, guinea pigs can eat cherry jelly!

But only a little bit at 1 teaspoon per day. The sugar in their diet will make their diarrhea worse than normal so limit the amount you give them each day to avoid any problems with digestion or bowel movements.

You could also try mixing it together with some vegetables for an interesting flavor that’s not too sweet – yummy!

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How to prepare the cherry for your guinea pig?

How to prepare the cherry for your guinea pig
How to prepare the cherry for your guinea pig

You can follow the following 5 simple steps

Step 1: Wash your hands properly

Step 2: Dip the tips of your fingers in vinegar. This will help remove any cherry residue that’s still on them!

Step 3: Gently hold the stem between thumb & forefinger, then carefully pierce into one side with thumbnail.

Step 4: Turn the cherry around and carefully pierce into your opposite side with a thumbnail – creating an X-shaped hole. This will be big enough for your guinea pig to suck out all of its juices!

Step 5: With this, delicately place some food inside so that they can eat it easily without choking on small parts like fiber or seeds; then wash hands thoroughly after feeding as well because you don’t want any residue left behind when treating their little mouthparts if at all possible.

How to take care of your guinea pig?

How to take care of your guinea pig
How to take care of your guinea pig

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your pet when they are eating something new, like the perfect snack: cherries! 

I know that sometimes we get so excited about what our pets find tasty and before we realize any harm may be happening.

After all, it can’t hurt them as much if you wash off some of those stones or pits right?

But here’s one tip for preventing diarrhea; feed only ONE serving per day (or less) from fresh fruit vendors which will get you the freshest cherries.

Quick Facts on Cherries and Guinea Pigs

Quick Facts on Cherries and Guinea Pigs
Quick Facts on Cherries and Guinea Pigs

What foods are poisonous to guinea pigs?

So, you’re probably wondering why your guinea pig is gorging on the cherries.

Well, it turns out they can be toxic too! But don’t worry; just like humans, there are a few ways for them to have those sweet treats without getting hurt in return.

Simply make sure all ingredients are fresh and wash everything before feeding or giving as gifts so nothing bad happens with these little guys who enjoy eating anything that gets thrown their way (even if we don’t always want what tastes good).

Can rabbits and guinea pigs have cherries?

Yes, both rabbits and guinea pigs can eat cherries! Just be careful not to feed them the leaves because they’re poisonous for pets.

Can guinea pigs eat fruit every day?

Guinea pigs are omnivores, so you can give them fruit every day. However, make sure that the pig is still getting plenty of vegetables and other healthy snacks too – just like humans need their greens!

Can guinea pigs eat maraschino cherries?

No, maraschino cherries are not suitable for your guinea pig to eat. While they may sound tempting and a tasty treat!

They’re actually filled with sugar coatings which can be harmful in many ways – from leading them astray of their natural diet altogether (sugar is bad!), right down into diabetes 2 among other things as well. This is not good considering how quickly these sweet little guys grow up!

How many cherries can guinea pigs eat?

It might seem hard to believe, but there are people who feed their guinea pigs too many cherries and they get sick.

It’s because the pits in these types of fruit can make your piggy feel queasy or have an upset stomach if ingested!

So limit him/herself at around 1 cherry per day – gotta stay healthy no matter what 😉

Final tips for first-time owners of Guinea pigs

 Tips for first-time owners of Guinea pigs
 Tips for first-time owners of Guinea pigs
  1. Guinea pigs are sociable animals who love nothing more than spending time with their human owners. It’s important to make sure that you spend plenty of quality bonding, as this will help your pet develop into an affectionate and healthy pet!
  2. Giving your guinea pig a healthy diet is not only good for their wellbeing, but it also gives you peace of mind too. A well-balanced and diverse fauna can include different fruits or vegetables that are great sources of vitamins C & E as well!
  3. Guinea pigs are social animals that need plenty of space to exercise and be safe at night. To help give your pet the best opportunity for success, make sure you have a big enough cage!

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