Can Guinea Pigs Eat Potato Everything you need to know
Can Guinea Pigs Eat Potato Everything you need to know

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Potato? Everything you need to know

Guinea pigs are herbivores and enjoy eating a variety of different fruits and vegetables in addition to the hay or pellets that make up most of their diet. But some foods are a lot more dangerous for guinea pigs than others, which is why it’s so important for owners to know of potentially harmful foods and how they affect guinea pigs’ health. So, Can Guinea Pigs Eat Potato? No.

For instance, potatoes contain toxic substances that can harm guinea pigs over time – similarly to how dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate. So what should you feed a guinea pig instead? Carrots! They’re low-calorie and contain antioxidants but don’t forget to give them treats every once in a while either!

Why there is a strict no for Potato ?

There are a couple important reasons that guinea pigs should not eat potatoes, even occasionally. First, potatoes have alkaloids that guinea pigs are not equipped to handle. Alkaloids in these foods act as poisons in their bodies and can cause serious illness such as fluid in the lungs, or lethargy, nausea and vomiting, or death (though this is very rare).

To keep your guinea pig safe, do not feed it potatoes. Potatoes have too much starch and carbohydrate content for a guinea pig to safely eat and lead to obesity. Instead, try providing this type of pet with more foods rich in sugar, protein, vitamin B and iron and other things that are easier for it to digest when compared to starchy foods like potatoes.

Though many people feed their guinea pig potatoes, it is not a great idea to do so. Guinea pigs are prone to obesity and potatoes have too high of a carbohydrate content. Potatoes can also negatively impact your pet’s blood pressure levels and overall heart health. Many other types of produce that are healthier for guinea pigs than potatoes are available, such as fresh apples or fruits that grow on trees like bananas.

What you should do If Your Guinea Pig Eats a Potato?

If you own a guinea pig, it is important to know that they may ingest foreign objects from time to time. Commonly ingested examples include grit, shells and rocks. However, there also exist other food items that might do more harm than good if consumed. For example, many owners have witnessed their guinea pigs munch on chips or fallen potatoes in the kitchen.

First off, it’s important to be aware of potential health dangers associated with allergic reactions or any other illnesses related to potato ingestion. Secondly, your pet could experience secondary digestive issues due to its stomach being too large for the meal ingested to digest properly.

If your guinea pig ever eats potatoes, they could develop a few side effects. But don’t panic! Just let them have some water, and then you should probably go to the doctor with them.

If you notice any of these symptoms (such as sweating, choking or swelling), do not hesitate to go to be checked out by a professional immediately. And if your dog or cat has eaten any amount of raw or undercooked potato and begins showing signs of illness such as vomiting, diarrhea, or listlessness; take them to your vet immediately because it is important that you act fast in order to save your furry friend from suffering further health complications.

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Things Present in Potatoes that are harmful for Guinea Pig

Things Present in Potatoes that are harmful for Guinea Pig
Things Present in Potatoes that are harmful for Guinea Pig


Potatoes are toxic to pigs, which is why we call their meat “pork.” Also, we say that potatoes have a lot of “potatos,” but this isn’t scientifically correct. Potatoes aren’t made of potatoes but rather carbohydrates and other organic compounds. Humans can’t digest these carbohydrates and only pigs can digest the raw potato itself.


When young, guinea pigs require eight grams of calcium per kilogram of body weight. Calcium is a requirement for kids as well as in their formative years because it strengthens and grows the bones. Eight grams are consumed by guinea pigs based on age.

Calcium is an essential component of your guinea pig’s diet, but too much calcium can be harmful, so it is necessary to know what a right amount of intake is. The need for calcium decreases as a guinea pig ages, which means fat pigs will not require a calcium supplement.

But if you are unsure or watching your pet’s weight/fat percentage, you should always consult with a vet to make sure additional bones and rocks are not necessary and are safe – especially as they age.. A mature guinea pig’s diet should not be supplemented with calcium. It can cause urinary infections and pain in you guinea pigs as well as bladder and kidney stones.

Surplus Fructose

Potatoes have a strong negative impact on a guinea pig’s overall health. The toxic part of a potato is found in the root, skin and stalk – meaning that once it’s been boiled or baked, most of this toxic part has been removed. However, potatoes are very high in both sugar and starch which can lead to obesity and diabetes.

The toxicity of a potato lies inside their skin, so if you could avoid peeling it off while cooking them they will still contain too much sugar for your guinea pig to eat.


Can guinea pigs eat potato peelings?

Peels like potato skins and avocado shells both contain a lot of fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients. But when you eat them, you might also be consuming the sugars that were used to preserve the actual fruit…so fully enjoy the skin’s benefits which are perfectly okay for guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat potato leaves?

Put simply, a potato is a fruit that houses so many poisons in it which we cannot serve to our guinea pigs. That’s why we can never ever feed them any part of the potato plant like leaves and stems because this will give terrible results.
We can, however, provide other non-poisonous tree branches for them to chew on instead such as apple, willow, birch etc.

Can guinea pigs eat baked potato ?

No, guinea pigs cannot eat any type of cooked food. One type of food that should be avoided altogether is baked potatoes.

Final Words

All we can say is that you should be careful when feeding guinea pigs any type of potato. You could end up with a very sick, or even dead guinea pig, on your hands if you feed the wrong type of potato, or even the right type of potato but too much of it. So please, just be careful!

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