Do Guinea Pigs Bite
Do Guinea Pigs Bite

Do Guinea Pig Bite?

If you have just bought your first guinea pig and observe that it comes off to be nipping you or the items in its cage, it’s normal to have second thoughts about why your pet is demonstrating this behaviour and what you can work out to end it. Keep reading while we undertake these questions and illustrate to you how to figure out what is going on with your little guinea pig. 

Before We Start

The main thing you should understand about your guinea pig is that its nibble and bites will not hurt you. A bite from a guinea pig will barely tear the skin, and it is much more of a small nibble than a typical bite. It can be frightening to have a guinea pig unexpectedly begin chewing on your finger, but there is no problem, and these pets are faultlessly prudent for children.

Guinea Pig Bite

Reasons for Biting

While no one is certain why guinea pigs or any pets do the things they do, there are few promising ideas substantiated by great evidence that we can talk about.


Your guinea pig is a sort of rodent, and like every rodent, it comprehends more about its habitat by chewing (nibbling) stuff. It will frequently nibble on any new objects you set into its cage, but not to eradicate them and understand about them. It will furthermore nibble on creatures to learn its way around your residence, and it can utilize this strategy to learn complicated paths to food, and it will memorize them for several months.

2.You smell like food

If your pet often gnaws on your fingers when you hug it, there is a possibility that you stink like food to it. Guinea pigs adore fruits and vegetables, and if you have lately handled some, your pet might sniff it on you and begin to nibble.

3.Feeling uncomfortable

If your guinea pig is a newborn or an outsider is handling it, there is a good possibility it feels uneasy and wants time to adapt. In the meantime, it might do some excess nibbling to understand more and ascertain you to put it down.

4.Needs to use the bathroom

If you constantly handle your pet and think it knows who you are, it could require you to use the bathroom if it suddenly begins to nip you. Your guinea pig will aim to tell you it requires you to use the bathroom long before it soothes itself in your hands. It’s significant to understand this signal so you can put them in their cage in time to avoid an accident.


One of the more significant reasons your guinea pig may begin to gnaw on you is that it’s terrified. Since these pets are fleeing creatures, they will only nibble when feeling caught up or nudged into a corner.

6.Feeling unwell

If you have dealt with your guinea pig for years and are sure that the nibbling you are encountering is something new, it could be that your little pet is not feeling well. Biting is the main way for your Guinea pig to communicate.

Guinea pigs are timid animals and barely bite without reason. They manage to ‘mouth’ their owners while being held, only to see if you are edible! These are not tough bites, though, and do not hurt. These nibbles are not aggression, just curiosity.

Guinea pigs just use their teeth aggressively if they perceive they are in danger. If your pet nips you for real, it’s because they are scared of you. Instructing them that they do not need to be scared and that they can anticipate threats and admiration from you.

What all you can do after a guinea pig bite?

You need to pay scrutiny if the guinea pig nibble has resulted in some bleeding. Generally, the bite manages to be a normal one that does not result in any harm. But if it results in bleeding then you need to address the circumstance with care.

Wash the pretentious area with antiseptic and let it dry. After washing, you can also put some topical antibiotic on the scar. You can then coat this up with a bandage. In case the recipient of the nibble is a fellow guinea pig, then there are 2 paths you can go about it.

If the nibble is innocuous and soft, then you can let it be. Nonetheless, if it has resulted in some bleeding in the guinea pig then clearly take them to a vet. A skilled doctor would be eligible to deal with the situation much better than you could.

Why do guinea pigs nibble each other?

If you have more than one little guinea pig as your pet in a cage, then nipping is kind of usual. It usually occurs when the guinea pig that you possess is in its adolescence. The younger one would generally begin to bite the somewhat older guinea pig. Nipping among guinea pigs is natural as long as it is not too continual. If you see that the guinea pigs are nipping each other and are in a quarrel, then you should keep them in independent cages.

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The plurality of guinea pigs has an extremely charming and friendly nature. That is what they are commonly known for. This is why when a guinea pig puts on you a nip, it is their manner of notifying you that something is not good. You might moreover need to be patient with guinea pigs who incline to be terrified in general. With time they will adapt to being your pet.

The most probable reason your pet is gnawing is that it is just exploring its atmosphere and learning how to get around. If you have put a new toy in the cage or anywhere your little pig wanders, it will nibble that and explore it as well. Guinea pigs will not harm you, and you should not be terrified to let them bite them on your finger to connect with you and to let you know when they want to use the restroom.

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