Guinea Pig vs Rabbit
Guinea Pig vs Rabbit

Guinea Pig vs Rabbit! Who is better as a pet?

Guinea pig vs rabbit, both of them are prominent pets for kids, but you must be gaping which is nicest. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Comprehending the benefits and drawbacks can make it manageable to select a new pet for your home. A pet that is a good suit for somebody else may not be the best for your home.

Guinea pigs vs rabbits who is the best pick as pets is what we are going to discuss in this article. Both of them offer more ways to bond with a little more care included to instruct kids on the obligation they require. Kids will understand a more responsive critter. 

Over 5 million American families possess small animals. If you can not or are incapable of keeping a dog or cat, they give wonderful ways to celebrate the premia of pet ownership. Probably it is something that is hardwired in us. We are friendly creatures, and pet animals like guinea pigs and rabbits give us this chance to share our world happily.

Guinea Pig Vs Rabbit: Visual Difference

Guinea Pig

  • Guinea Pig
  • Average height (adult): 8–10”
  • Average weight (adult): 5–2.6 lbs
  • Lifespan: 4-5 years
  • Exercise: Time outside of the cage suggested
  • Grooming needs: Moderate
  • Family-friendly: good for children over 6 years old
  • Social Needs: Goes well with other guinea pigs
  • Trainability: Possible with younger animals


  • Average height (adult): Up to 16”
  • Average weight (adult): 2–20 lbs
  • Lifespan: 8–12 years
  • Exercise: Time outside of the cage recommended
  • Grooming needs: Moderate
  • Family-friendly: good for children over 6 years old
  • Social needs: Males will fight
  • Trainability: chances with younger animals

Guinea Pig vs Rabbit: Personality / Character

Guinea Pig vs Rabbit: Personality / Character
Guinea Pig vs Rabbit: Personality / Character

Guinea pigs are fascinating pets. They reply to humans and are relatively verbal among themselves. Their various vocalizations recite their intelligence to communicate with many others in their mob. It is crucial to know that these pets were prey species. That renders them suspicious of changes in their habitat or routine. Know that this characteristic is crucial for survival.

It is important to handle a guinea pig in an exact peaceful manner. Bonding is likely to be possible with this furry rodent. We advise instructing these similar lessons to your kids. Young animals acknowledge the best handling.

A guinea pig likely would not say no to a treat, either. Like the other prey type, cavies are crepuscular, which implies that they are competitive at dusk and dawn. It provides them with an edge against their predators.


Rabbits like guinea pigs are adorable creatures. They can bring in very cherishing pets that will bond with their owners. That is a godsend blessing for children who like to bond with their pets. It is the proverbial win-win situation. It will bring in the experience to be more fascinating for them and moreover motivate the children to do their part with maintenance and care.

As aforementioned guinea pigs are verbal, rabbits do not possess a lot to say. They speak with each other when they really have to do so. Which eventually means the threat is afoot. Rabbits can bond easily with their human companions. You might discover that the experience of having a rabbit as a pet is more fascinating because of it. Rabbits vary from cavies in that they will exhibit more personality. Rabbits are more inclined to amuse you with their gags.

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Advantages of Guinea Pigs

Advantages of Guinea Pigs
Advantages of Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs admire habitation in pairs. These rodents are prominent because they barely bite and are often pleased to play with their owner. Guinea pigs brighten as soon as their owner reaches the room, and they admire coming out to play with their owners. They moreover enjoy the fellowship of their other guinea pigs as well.

Guinea pigs are tinier than rabbits and put up with smaller room space. They are outstanding for grade-school teenagers who have triumphed over socialization and handling skills with hamsters or different small rodents. Guinea pigs are enthusiastic throughout the day as well as night, sleeping in shifts. Their standard lifespan is somewhere around five to seven years.

Disadvantages of Guinea Pigs

These little furry guinea pigs can be a ton for a small kid to look after, and a kid may lack the tolerance for socialization activity. Guinea pigs can be loud and a little smelly. The more guinea pigs you retain in an environment, the more their cage will ask for frequent cleaning.

Guinea pigs can moreover undergo various health ailments, such as anal impaction, that expect continuous care when they grow older.

Advantages of Rabbits

Advantages of Rabbits
Advantages of Rabbit

Rabbits are extremely intelligent creatures who can survive up to seven to ten years when kept inside the house. These outstanding friend creatures can be trained to use litter boxes. With oversight, they can wander around your bedroom pretty much the same as that of a dog or cat. Rabbits are available in a diversity of sizes, with maximum domestic species weighing less than four pounds.

Disadvantages of Rabbits

Though rabbits can wander around your bedroom, they also might nibble on the cords carpet or anything else that knocked their fancy. Additional trouble is that despite the comfort of litter box practice, rabbits who have not been neutered or spayed may be more likely to signify their territory.

Rabbits put up with more space to live than little guinea pigs or any other small rodents. And they are mainly nocturnal.

Guinea Pig vs Rabbit: Which to Choose?

Guinea pigs and rabbits both are seen as desirable pets. Though a guinea pig is satisfied residing in its cage with his friends until playtime, rabbits are somewhat like dogs and cats, and they love to stay outside whenever possible.

If you have small kids, a guinea pig delivers the advantage of staying awake during the day. Nevertheless, small kids may bond generously with rabbits.

Weigh the positives and negatives before agreeing on which pet to select. The answer is sure of what your family wants.

Can you have guinea pigs and rabbits together?

It is advised that you do not keep guinea pigs and rabbits together. The two creatures concurrently do not create a suitable combination primarily because:

They possess varied desires, particularly when it is about food requirements.

Rabbits may harm guinea pigs by throbbing them, both knowingly and unintentionally, with their robust back legs. They both communicate and behave in extremely varied ways and this can result in friction when both of them are kept together. Also, 

Rabbits can transmit a cause named Bordetella bronchiseptica, which is a common reason of respiratory infection in guinea pigs

The promising playmate for a rabbit is another cheerful rabbit and the nicest mate for a guinea pig is another cheerful guinea pig.

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