Guinea Pig Wheels and Balls- GuineaPig 99
Guinea Pig Wheels and Balls- GuineaPig 99

Guinea Pig Wheels & Balls are required? (Ultimate Guide 2022)

Well, most people don’t know the answer to this question. In fact, it seems like a silly question to ask because they are so small! But it’s true. Guinea pigs do need some form of exercise in order for them to stay healthy and happy. So today we’ll talk about what they should have available for them to play with. So is the Guinea Pig Wheel of so much importance? Let’s find out!

Following the two most loved items by guinea pigs:


When guinea pigs are in the wild they spend most of their days running up and down large hills, so it’s no wonder that guinea pigs greatly enjoy getting on an exercise wheel. Many guinea pigs enjoy running on their wheels at night when their owners aren’t around to play with them, so it’s definitely a good idea to get them one of these.

Guinea pigs can’t just jump on their wheels and start running without any direction. You need to encourage this behavior by giving treats every time they go around, but sometimes guinea pigs don’t like being left alone so you could use your finger as an interface!

If he is refusing the guinea pig wheel then tap its side fast with one of yours; when chasing after it tries making circles near where his front paws are sitting or guiding him using counter-clockwise motion for some reason works well

Exercise balls: Guinea Pig Exercise Ball

Guinea pigs are little adventurers, and they love exploring new places. Guinea pig owners should get their pet an exercise ball to play around within a safe way that’s supervision!

If you have one of these curious creatures then I’m sure he’ll enjoy rolling on his very own mini-ball while being watched over by those loving eyes from above – just make sure not to let him fall down the small hole at its center where things can get tricky getting out again.

Don’t be surprised if he wants to run away from you while in the ball, guinea pigs hate being contained! So just watch him around and approach slowly when he’s done.

Remember that a piggy must only stay on their wheel or exercise ball for short periods; they can become overheated easily so don’t let them stay there too long!!

What are the benefits of exercise for guinea pigs?

What are the benefits of exercise for guinea pigs
What are the benefits of exercise for guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are very energetic and need to burn off their excess energy somehow. If they don’t get enough exercise, the guinea pig may start acting differently than you want him too; more stressed or even ill!

But by allowing your pet run around as much time as possible will help prevent these problems from happening in the first place because it’s easier for them when we set limits on what our pets can do instead of lumping all activity into one day where no one gets any rest at all.

The benefits of exercise for guinea pigs include:

  • Normalizing blood sugar levels
  • Releasing endorphins which are similar to opium and makes guinea pigs feel good!
  • Helps guinea pigs release pent-up stress from being cooped up all day in a guinea pig cage.
  • Helps guinea pigs live a long and happy life!

How much guinea pig exercise is too much guinea pig exercise?

Guinea pigs are naturally curious creatures who love to explore new environments. They require plenty of exercise, both physical and mental stimulation in order for their brains to stay healthy and happy!

If you want many guinea piglets then it’s best if they have two cages so that one is confined while the other roams freely around the house or yard– this will let them get out from time to see what else there on offer outside as well keep everyone safe including themselves.

How much space should be allocated to a guinea pig’s enclosure?

If you have a Guinea pig, it’s important to provide them with enough space.

A guinea will be happier in an environment where they can move around freely and take care of their needs without being restricted by small quarters or too many boundaries! 

If there isn’t enough room for your piggie (or she may get stressed), try providing him three times as much flooring per length; this way he has all sorts of things on which lie could play – tunnels included!

Allowing guinea pigs free-range can also help reduce noise levels in your home – guinea pig fights are definitely not something you want happening every time your guinea pig gets bored of sleeping all day long while staring.

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How do I get my Guinea Pig to use the wheel or ball?

How do I get my Guinea Pig to use the wheel or ball
How do I get my Guinea Pig to use the wheel or ball

When you first get your guinea pig, use the exercise ball or wheel to make it fun right off the bat.

Before giving them access to their favorite toys foraging in search of food can be very stimulating so try fusing yourself with theirs and tap its side fast while chasing after him!

When guiding around one should circle near where his front paws are sitting because this seems like an area that would feel good if pushed on – counterclockwise motion works well too 🙂

Guinea pigs are social creatures that enjoy being with their human companions. If you want to keep them company, then let them see what’s going on close up – this will be great motivation for not running away from his own ball/wheel!

It is important to know guinea pig need a time out of its cage so it can play and exercise too.

If the guinea pig starts acting hyper or keeps running away from its ball, then it’s time for them to take a break!

Remember that even if they’re having fun don’t forget they need breaks too.

It might take your pet more than just one session before he gets used but once you do-you’ll have no problem keeping him inside where he belongs.

Guinea pigs are natural performers and they will take to any toy that is offered, including rolling over when you want them too!

But if your pet pig has already mastered the art of tricks in its cage then try taking those same toys into another environment where there may be more space for exploration.

Pro Tip: To make your guinea pig happy, you need to give them what he wants.

If the little guy is constantly playing with his ball or wheel and chasing it around then that’s a good sign that these activities keep him entertained for hours on end!

It can be hard keeping up with their energy levels but if one of the tricks manages to tire out quick-moving furry friends before they’re exhausted then just take notice and limit their playtime to that extent.

What are some other ways to provide enrichment for a Guinea Pig’s life?

What are some other ways to provide enrichment for a Guinea Pig's life
What are some other ways to provide enrichment for a Guinea Pig’s life

Guinea pigs are curious, quick little animals that love to explore the world around them. 

New toys can be a great way to keep your guinea pig entertained for hours on end!

Try hiding veggies in their house so they have something interesting and tasty when boredom kicks in – these creatures are known eaters but if given several options one will start appealing before long!

In order to keep your guinea pig busy while you prepare its meal of the day, adding a ball or wheel is an option.

This will also be an excellent time for letting him roam around without obstructions since they love going out in open spaces and not sticking close by on one spot all day long!

When kept together as friends with plenty toys available for each individual pet; any playtime becomes more interactive but it’s important that everyone gets their own set otherwise things could get very hostile among just 1or2 pets getting most attention

When you notice that two or more guineas are fighting over a toy, take it away immediately. Monitor their interactions closely and remove anything that may be trouble in the making for them!

How to choose a wheel or ball that is safe for your pet?

There are a variety of balls and wheels on the market, but not all will be enjoyed by your pet.

It’s important you know what they can do before giving them one as an option for entertainment! 

Guinea pigs may become frustrated with certain toys if there is no difference in size between themselves and their toy – this often leads them to chew at it until pieces break off or even start kicking against walls which could also cause injury.

When they first start chasing their favorite toys and trying desperately clamber onto them but if this process turns out too difficult-then he might eventually give up completely!

Make sure that the space in your pet’s cage is ample so there isn’t any possibility of getting trapped inside one those fun little things called “enrichment items.”

If not then take care when handling him because accidents could happen easily enough while being attentive only towards his needs.

The larger your guinea pigs get, the harder it will be to provide them with wheels and balls because they simply won’t fit anymore! 

So make sure you buy smaller sizes for young ones or small breeds. The best wheel should allow room enough but not too big so that he doesn’t end up stuck it.

The pros and cons of providing an exercise wheel or ball for your pet


Running on the guinea pig wheel is a fun way for your guinea pig to burn off excess energy. Not only will they be chasing its tail all day, but you can also rest easy knowing that by running in circles with their favorite toy this one activity has been proven not just good exercise and stress relief – but an essential part of any healthy diet!


Make sure to watch your guinea pigs while they’re on their guinea pig wheels; if left alone for too long, the animal can quickly overheat. It’s also a good idea only allow him/her in it during short periods (maybe 5-10 minutes at once) so you don’t have these problems!

Step-by-step instructions on how to build a DIY treadmill for your guinea pig.

How to make DIY Tredmill for Guinea Pigs
How to make DIY Treadmill for Guinea Pigs

Step 1: 

Purchase a motor that is guinea pig-approved for your pet. Keep in mind, they can get overheated easily and it’s important to make sure the motors have been tested on their specific size before purchase!

Step 2:

Make sure to pick a harness that is guinea pig-appropriate, but not too tight. Make sure it has an extra buckle or two so you can adjust the size depending on how large your pet may be!

Step 3:

Attach the guinea pig wheel/treadmill to another household object. Depending on how large your pet is, this could be anything from a bookshelf or cabinet Doors! The possibilities are endless.

Step 4:

The best way to keep your guinea pig running is with this amazing harness! Whether you want them on a treadmill or not, it’s perfect for hours of entertainment.

You can also speed it up and turn off unexpectedly at any time which will have their little legs going nonstop!”

The safest way for guinea pigs to live in a multi-pet household is within their own personalized enclosure. This may include either something like an oversize cage or even just some fencing with plenty of room inside it that allows privacy and security while still allowing the pet access all around its home away from home!

Final Words

It is important to provide your guinea pig with the opportunity for exercise, with guinea pig wheels and balls. Guinea pigs can become bored, depressed, and unhappy without enough opportunities to move around. Providing them with a guinea pig wheel or ball provides an easy way for you to give them some fun physical activity that will keep their body healthy as well as their mind! Buy one now from our website – they are inexpensive and could really make all the difference in how happy your pet feels at home!

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