How long do guinea pigs live
How long do guinea pigs live

How long do guinea pigs live?

When selecting the right pet for you, the main question you might ask is how many years of happiness you can get from them. It is a major question, but the answer can differ counting on who you ask. In this article, we will discuss longevity advice that is related to owning a guinea pig as your pet and will answer the question of How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live?

It is most sensible to choose a pet with an adequate lifespan, which is long enough to let you admire each other’s company, yet not so lanky that it will present challenges for your pet’s long-term care. Fortunately, guinea pigs have an adequate lifespan, which will do good for most cavy keepers.

Guinea pig lifespan

Guinea pig lifespan
Guinea pig lifespan

It is significant to recount that a guinea pig is not a hamster. Most people do not know the difference and guess these animals have somewhat the same life expectancies. Nonetheless, they are relatively different! There are various breeds of hamsters and this can influence how long they survive, but an ordinary hamster can live for two to three years relying on how they are cared for.

Guinea pigs, on the other side, live much longer and mature to a much larger size. So, how long do guinea pigs live? The standard lifespan for a household guinea pig is five to seven years, and many aspects can affect this. It is not extraordinary for a guinea pig to survive for nine or 10 years if incredibly looked after. This means guinea pigs expect a long-term obligation on your part. Did you know, the Oldest Guinea Pig survived to 14 years and 10.5 months old was called Snowball. 

Ways to enhance the life expectancy of a guinea pig

Ways to enhance the life expectancy of a guinea pig
Ways to enhance the life expectancy of a guinea pig

Fresh food: 

As with any living animal, giving your guinea pig fresh food is one of the nicest means to enhance life expectancy. Be sure of uneaten food like greens are cleaned up from the cage in 24 hours so your guinea pig does not eat food that is no fresher to them.

Purchase a comfortable cage:

Just like us, guinea pigs like to be relaxed, too! A decent piece of advice is to give at least a 7.5 square feet cage for one guinea pig and 13 square feet of cage space for two guinea pigs. The more space you give the merrier your guinea pigs will be.

Sponging guinea pig bedding: 

Paper bedding, kiln-dried pine shavings, or fleece are some reasonable choices to select from. Also, it is crucial to keep changing guinea pigs’ bedding once in a while so you can avoid ammonia and odor build-up. It is suggested to change guinea pig bedding at least once in seven to ten days.

Give materials to chew on: 

To keep up a healthy life, guinea pigs are expected to keep their teeth ground down. Thus, be sure that you get your guinea pig some soft pet-safe woodblocks or chew toys.

Do not let females become pregnant: 

The incubation and birthing process is tough on female guinea pigs. One in five female guinea pigs that are pregnant will die as an outcome of birth or pregnancy complications.

Have a good veterinarian: 

You must be assertive and look for a good veterinarian before your guinea pig has a medical problem. However, guinea pigs do not need any vaccinations, it is advised that you take them to a vet at least once a year.

Do not mix pairs: 

Having more than one guinea pig is an incredible means to improve longevity for guinea pigs. Just like us, guinea pigs are friendly and admire having someone around them. However, be sure to keep guinea pigs of similar sex together or pair that has already been neutered and spayed. As mentioned before, it is not favorable to have an accidental guinea pig pregnancy.

As you can observe, getting a guinea pig is a tremendous alternative if you are watching out for a pet with a life expectancy of five to 10 years. You have a role in your pet’s long, prosperous life by providing your guinea pig with an incredible house packed with healthy food and lots of friends. Look after your guinea pig just like you would a small baby and you will do great as a guinea pig parent!

Tips for improving your guinea pig’s lifespan!

Tips for improving your guinea pig’s lifespan
Tips for improving your guinea pig’s lifespan

Understandably, many pet owners become very connected to their cavy and expect their beloveds to survive for as long as possible. You won’t be eligible to re-write your pet’s hereditary code, but you can do some things that may enhance his lifespan.

It was aforementioned that some of the most significant things to do first, mainly include giving your pet the best care. This contains things like giving your pet highly nutritious food, visiting your pet’s vet often, and maintaining your pet’s living space clean.

It’s moreover significant to limit your pet’s tension. Stress can steer too many health issues, so you should try to give your pet a relaxed life. Some of the extensively significant means to do so include:

  • Do not let other pets (especially cats or dogs) intimidate your guinea pig.
  • Do not travel with your guinea pig more often. You can take him for good car rides from time to time but limit big trips.
  • Try to have multiple guinea pigs together. Because they are a friendly species, cavies can become overwhelmed and scared when kept solely.
  • Move slow and steady when interacting with your guinea pig pet, as quick actions can at times frighten your piggies.
  • Try to resist making loud noises when you are around your pet.
  • Conserve a compatible light-dark cycle, to imitate the real sun cycle. Principally speaking, you can leave the room lights on for your guinea pig for 12 hours and turn them off for 12 hours for your guinea pig.


Guinea pigs may not survive as long as few other pets do, such as macaws or tortoises, but they do stand long enough to give you a lot of time to admire and connect with your pet. Just make sure to look after your pet with utmost care and keep in mind the tips and factors mentioned above, so that your guinea pig will stay with you happy and healthy for as long as possible. We have given our best regarding How long do guinea pigs live? Please Comment Below if you have any suggestions for Guinea Pig 99.

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