What Do Guinea Pigs Like To Play With
What Do Guinea Pigs Like To Play With

What Do Guinea Pigs Like To Play With? (Toys, Box , Cardboards etc)

Guinea pigs, just like other animals, enjoy fun and stimulation. Make activities available to your furry friends to provide them with a happy, high quality of life. A guinea pig can be more than just a pet, they are lovable animals that deserve the best care. So, let us see what guinea pigs like to play with. You will get the answer of “What Do Guinea Pigs Like To Play With” here from us.

Remember to brush your guinea pigs regularly, not only does it make them feel good but it also helps prevent plaque build-up on their teeth. Entertain your rat or hamster with wooden blocks, exercise wheels and other fun housekeeping items to keep him entertained and healthy. Your pet will thank you for this extra effort!

Human grooming tools are good toys to play with

Human grooming tools are good toys to play with- Guineapig99
Human grooming tools are good toys to play with- Guineapig99

Human grooming tools such as hairbrushes and combs are not the best choice for your guinea pig. Instead, try using a soft bristle brush or a flea comb created for guinea pigs. Some of these special brushes and combs can be purchased online or at pet stores. Be sure to keep your guinea pig’s cage clean and add lots of hay for additional comfort.

Use your old clothing as bedding when providing a soft surface inside the cage to lay on. Don’t forget to add in some toys like plastic tunnels, cardboard boxes and hay racks for extra fun and entertainment. What do guinea pigs like to play with, human grooming tools?

Guinea pig lovers will enjoy adding in simple items to their homes to make their pets more enjoyable. While these things may not make your pet healthier or happier, they will still be able to enjoy the special relationship you share.

The best way for your pet to experience the best quality of life is by providing it with easy access to feeding and water. When purchasing new items, try using recycled products whenever possible.

Discounted pet retail stores are always a great place to find inexpensive gifts for your guinea pig. Pet stores are usually the best source for finding great grooming supplies, exercise wheels and toys.

When purchasing things for your guinea pig, keep in mind that the more variety there is, the better! Items that are specific to one type of animal usually don’t provide enough entertainment value so try to buy things that will be able to be used with multiple types of pets.

As mentioned earlier, using soft bristle brushes or flea combs made specifically for guinea pigs is a good idea to play with. These tools can be found online or at pet specialty stores. What do guinea pigs like to play with, soft bristle brushes?

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Things guinea pigs can play with

There are many things guinea pigs can play with. We will go over what is safe to use, like hiding the guinea pig’s food in cups or jars, giving them stuffed toys, running an object in front of them for them to chase; and what isn’t safe like cat toys.

So if you want your furry friend to be happy and healthy all fur long, here are some things that your guinea pig can play with!

What your guinea pig can play with

My Best Source of Comfort': Adults With Stuffed Animals Describe All the  Feels - The New York Times

1. Stuffed toys:

Stuffed toys are great for your guinea pig to play with, because they are soft and cuddly, not harmful at all. You can give your guinea pig a stuffed toy that is actually bigger than it is, so that the toy doesn’t become torn up before it gets filled up!

Most stuffed toys are made of very soft fabrics, so you will have to be careful if you want them to continue living for a long time! You can also buy some special fabric if you have any stitching problems, so that the stuffing comes out again when you wash your toy. What do guinea pigs like to play with, stuffed toys.

2. Hide the food :

Hiding the food is a great game for both you and your guinea pig! Put some food in one of your pigs favorite cups or jars, making sure it’s bigger than the guinea pig’s head, so it can’t go all in, but has to pick at it slowly to get the food out. Your guinea pig will have lots of fun picking at its favorite snack!

Guinea Pig Twister Feeder Toy guinea pig wheel guinea pig | Etsy

3. Guinea pig toys :

You can get your guinea pig a toy, since guinea pigs love to roam around and play with toys! Guinea pig toys are usually made of fleece, so it’s great for your guinea pig to play with! Just be careful not to buy anything that is stringy, or has metal pieces that can get stuck in your pigs mouth! What do guinea pigs like to play with, chubby toys.

4. Water bottle:

Water Bottle for Guinea Pigs as a toy
Water Bottle for Guinea Pigs as a toy

A water bottle is a great thing for your guinea pig to play with.

5. Straw baskets :

A fun toy that you can buy for your guinea pig is a straw basket, which can oftentimes be found at your local pet store. These are great because they are meant to be played with, not just looked at, and are usually made of safe materials with no sharp edges or anything like that.

 Be sure to check the product label before buying anything to make sure it is safe for cavy use. What do guinea pigs like to play with, straw baskets.

6. Cardboard box tunnel/playhouse:

Guinea pigs love cardboard boxes, they’re soft and very easy to chew. Buy a big cardboard box and set it up as a tunnel/house for your guinea pig. Cut holes in the sides and top of the box so your guinea pig can enter and exit.

If you have more than 1 guinea pig, you can set up several “rooms” with different tunnels connected together so one or all of your pigs can play together without having to worry about fighting.

7. Plastic baby toys:

Plastic baby toys are similar to stuffed animals in that they don’t usually contain any harmful materials and they’re not extremely hard or sharp. Guinea pigs love plastic baby toys because they can chew on them and play with them as they please. What do guinea pigs like to play with, plastic baby toys.

Guinea Pig Wood Chew
Guinea Pig Wood Chew

8. Wood chews:

Wood chews are great for your guinea pig because they help it to keep its teeth from growing too long. You can buy untreated wood blocks from the pet store, or you can simply pick up a block of wood at a park and cut it to your pig’s liking.

It’s a great way for a guinea pig to have fun while also keeping its long chompers under control! What do guinea pigs like to play with, wooden chews.

9. Cogwheels :

Cogwheels are a great toy for your guinea pig because it can turn the cogwheel with its feet, which helps to build up muscle that it wouldn’t have otherwise. You can buy these toys at your local pet store or at a pet store online.

10. Washable balls:

Washable balls for Guinea Pigs
Washable balls for Guinea Pigs

Simple little colorful balls are great for guinea pigs because they’re not too hard to chew up or anything harmful about them, but they still help your pig to keep his teeth in check!

11. An obstacle course :

Guinea pigs can get bored with their own pace, so you’ll need to keep them entertained. Invest in some unused cardboard boxes and make a custom maze or obstacle course out of it; use large sheets for bases that are simply taped onto floors sections (don’t forget the treats!). If your mastermind mood is still going strong after all this work then go hog wild by adding twists and turns like tubes made from paper towel rolls- anything goes really as longs as there’s something at end waiting!

12.Stuffed tubes with hay :

You can stuff your paper towel or toilet paper tubes with hay and create the ultimate guinea treat for cavies, but please make sure they’re non-toxic! These plain tubes will be great fun toys to gnaw on. The teeth of a cavie always grow so you’ll need wood or other items like this in order keep them from continually chewing through everything in sight (not that we recommend anything else).

13. Fleece Accesories :

Fleece is a material that can make your pet’s home more cozy and fun. You simply cut strips into it, turn it inside-out on the ground like you would with any old curtain rod to create something called “fleece curtains.” These allow them room of their own while giving themselves some good entertainment by running through these hanging loops!


A happy guinea pig is a healthy, happy guinea pig. They need lots of toys and love to stay entertained at all times. We know that you care about your pet just as much as we do so please comment below if there’s anything else you want to learn or any questions you have!

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